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I am happy to explain this to you with short examples where YOU maybe a doula:

Do you have a garden? 

You help your plants to grow and thrive, you help them to grow big and strong so that they can soon bear fruit. You protect them from unwanted pests and terrible weather


Do you have a house or an apartment?

You ventilate it daily and you're cleaning it regularly, so that your home stays nice and fresh = YOU ARE A DOULA!

Of course there are many other examples and possibilities where you are or could be a doula. What are you thinking of?

Target Group

Now to the target groups of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum doula:

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Families trying to conceive

Pregnant women with or without a partner

Expectant fathers


Young pregnant women

Pregnant women from other cultures

Women with birth trauma

Women with a disabled child or (impending) stillbirth

A doula trusts nature and thus that the woman giving birth can manage this process on her own.

She accompanies the woman giving birth at all times, regardless of the decision the woman makes, because the mother-to-be knows best what she and her child need at that time. Thus, she also accompanies and supports women / couples who consciously and for their own reasons decide in favor for a caesarean.

Several studies have found positive effects related to the loving and supportive care of a doula during childbirth:

  • Shortening the time of labor
  • Pain relievers, relaxation drugs and epidural anesthesia (PDA) were used less frequently
  • Less complications
  • Less use of labor-inducing agents
  • Less forceps and vacuum births
  • Less caesarean sections
  • Babies were more awake and better to breastfeed
  • Strengthening the couples relationship

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Doula Geburtsbegleitung Schweiz

Every woman has the right to know that there are doulas and that they support

women 24/7!


Doulos are in demand!

Experienced men / fathers who are open to talk about topics such as:

  • How can I create and maintain as a father my bond to the child?
  • What happens to the female body throughout pregnancy and far into motherhood?
  • How will my life as a man and as a father (or soon to be) change ?

and many more questions.

I Martin, could be your Doulo and go with you through these and / or other questions. Totally relaxed at your home or in a pub or where ever you prefer.

Short and sweet about me

  • open
  • warm hearted
  • solution-oriented
  • faithful
  • loyal

  • patiently
  • athletic
  • enthusiastic
  • very interested
  • joyful listener


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